Message From Principal

Principal’s Welcome !

Dear Parents and Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Alethea School and to serve as your Principal. Alethea School has upheld its values for over 95 years, as an institution best known for its disciplined student body, strong academic performance in exams, involvement in the community and celebrating diverse culture; I hope to prolong and improve this legacy.

At Alethea School, my goal is to build and carry on the existing culture of excellence, and to collaborate with our dedicated academic and support staff to provide an enriching educational experience for all students. It is my belief that an inclusive school culture that celebrates student success in all areas, promotes positivity, and values the unique talents and contributions of every individual are essential for the development and success of each child at Alethea.

A strong partnership with parents is crucial for the future of each student.  At Alethea School we value your commitment since support from both school and home is necessary for a fruitful school career for your child. Teachers are committed to updating parents on the progress and performance of each child and we hope that we can count on your cooperation in ensuring that your child is attending school regularly, completing their homework and participating in school functions whenever possible.

Throughout the school year, you can expect regular updates on important events, academic/sports achievements, and extracurricular activities. I also encourage you to attend school activities and functions, as your involvement is vital to the of our students.

Having an extensive teaching background for over 15 years prior to joining Alethea and taking over as Principal I hope to continue promoting and improving the standards at Alethea School in partnership with CEG Holdings. I am truly excited to embark on this journey with all of you and look forward to getting to know each and every one of our students’ and their families. I will work towards improvement to the best of my ability, for the benefit of everyone at Alethea School.

Thank you.

Quintus De Zilva


Alethea School