Our Vision

The Vision of Alethea is to light the flame of learning in our children, promoting lifelong education that is an integral part of good citizenship.

Our Mission

Alethea intends to make its vision a reality by committing itself to excellence in the provision of education through the facilitation of inherent creativity, and initiatives in all its children whilst inculcating high moral values and social responsibility.

Our History

The journey of Alethea began with its establishment in 1927 and its registration as a private company the following year. In 1954 it was registered with the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka as a Secondary School. From 1968 onwards, the students of Alethea sat for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level (O/L) examinations in Sri Lanka in the Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums. Regrettably, the Tamil medium classes were discontinued due to lack of demand in the turbulent post-1983 era. Thereafter, the then government’s directive to discontinue English medium education drove the English medium students to take London examinations.

The demand created resulted in the establishment of the International School in 1988 with students opting for the GCE (London) Ordinary and Advanced Level (A/L) Examinations. In 1992 the local A/L Commerce Stream was established and in 1994 the first batch of students sat the examination. Since then Aletheans have consistently performed well, with many qualifying to enter universities. In 2001, Alethea started the national curriculum in English medium for the lower grades and today offers this facility for all grades. It is noteworthy that many of our Sinhala medium students have opted to transfer to the English medium classes and have been more than capable of coping with the transition. Due to the increasing demand for English education and with the desire to provide it at an affordable price, Alethea has ventured to reintroduce advanced level classes, initially in the science and arts streams. This has been after consideration of the revised admissions procedures of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the needs of students in today’s social and financial contexts.

In 2002, the Department of Education reintroduced the English medium and schools registered with the department were permitted to submit their students to sit for advanced level examinations and be considered for entrance to local universities in the regular admissions scheme. Although this approval was initially granted only for the science stream, today any registered school which has the teaching resources can send their students for any advanced level examination in the English medium.

Our Accreditations