The quality of a school’s environment and its facilities has a strong influence on students’ learning. School facilities affect not just the quality of lessons, but their health, behaviour, engagement, learning, and growth in achievement. For a modern school in a central location, facilities at Alethea are spacious, equipped, well-lit for maximum benefit of our students.
Students benefit from outstanding teachers, a challenging academic program, small class sizes, state-of-the-art technology and facilities, and a wide choice of extra-curricular activities.

Our students enjoy:

  • A modern computerized administration
  • A large, well-stocked library
  • A up to date, well equipped computer rooms, including CD Rom and access to the Internet
  • Five Science Laboratories
  • A spectacular Dance room
  • A fine state of the art sound proof hall
  • A basketball Court
  • A canteen & lunch room
  • Interactive White Board with multimedia (projector and laptop) in each classroom
  • E-library
  • Music Room
  • A Home Science Room
  • Learning Resource Room and Skills Centre
  • A dedicated Art Studio
  • A well-stocked Bookshop
  • Generous off- street parking for staff, students and visitors
  • Vehicular access safely off the main road