Yes. There are many Maldivian and other nationalities. We believe diversity is important to foster an environment where students learn about each other and the world they live in.

Alethea believes without any shadow of a doubt, it is the members of the teaching faculty who impart progress into the students. Hence the delivery of Alethean education is entrusted to our versatile, committed and highly qualified academic staff which consists of Postgraduate Degree holders, Trained Graduates, Graduates and Trained Teachers. Experienced National Level Coaches train the students in a variety of sports and extracurricular activities, as well as other skill-building activities.
The management supports and invests in providing opportunities for our staff to continually upgrade their knowledge and skills, thereby providing the finest teaching and guidance to students. All teachers are experienced and quite a few of them have 10 to 30 years of service with the school.

We don’t exceed more than 25 per class and there are 2 parallel classes for each grade, one each in the National curriculum and the International curriculum from year one upwards.

There is normally 3 semesters/terms per grade. School years varies from qualification/medium they wish to take.

Date of Academic Year
Applications Open & Close
Alethea International School
Pre Grade
September – August
Accepted throughout the year
Alethea International School
Grade 1 – 11 (Ordinary Level)
September – August
January – July
Alethea International School
Advanced Level
July – June
Alethea School
Pre Grade to Grade 11 (Ordinary Level)
January – December
January – August
Alethea School
Advanced Level
January – June
December to April
Conversion Course
February – June

All students who have sat for local Ordinary Level must join the conversion course to be eligible for London Advanced Level. Even though Alethea is strict on admission cut-off dates, we take each admission case by case. Those who wish to apply after the closure of applications or even if the academic year has started may contact the Head of Enrollment.

Fortunately our school is located away from the busy main road with secure parking and a child drop off area. Alethea employs School as well as Private Security Services for this purpose. The security guards provided at the gate prevent outsiders or parents without prior appointments entering the school or approaching the children. Parents are free to drop and pickup their children inside the school premises.

The level of transparency adapted by Alethea makes it easy for parents to stay in touch with not only the school but with each other as well. Parental involvement in sports and co-curricular activities ensures an active parent union that strives towards a better Alethea.

One of the reasons Alethea maintains small numbers in classrooms is to make technology enabled education feasible to all. Interactive White Boards, Laptops, Multi-media projectors are available in each classroom giving access to diverse teaching aid and techniques.
Alethea uses Kaspersky Safe Kids, enabling an easy filter for online content across the school computer network.
As part of our drive to stay abreast with technological advances, Alethea has partnered with CodeGen to deliver a multi-device, cloud based solutions to keep our parents, teachers, students and staff stay connected and up to date with access to accurate information and faster communications.
CodeGen is renowned and established in delivering innovative, fully scalable, high performance solutions to leading organisations worldwide. Using cutting-edge technology and pure web services, CodeGen pride themselves on leading the market by using the latest emerging technologies to fully automate business processes.

During after school sports practices, the master-in-charge is responsible and is around till the child is picked up by the parent. Two permanent female attendants are on duty to look after the small kids. We are in the process of recruiting a qualified nurse to be in charge of the school sickroom. The school has to be notified if anybody else is coming to pick up the kids as the security services have to identify them before handing over the children. If parents are late, teachers will supervise the departure till 2.30pm, after which the office will mind them until they are picked up till 4.30pm. Parents need to pickup children within half an hour of closing time so that it makes it comfortable all round.

You can call the either the Junior School (+94 11 2732096) or the Senior School (+94 11 2714849) and arrange a visit for an individual tour with or without your son/daughter.

We provide full scholarships for internal and for external students on the following categories;
  • Academic
  • Sports
  • Co-curricular
  • Forces(Service) / Special Needs
The scholarships are highly prestigious: candidates are expected to have an exceptional academic record or sports and extracurricular achievements, and to have proven themselves as leaders in the classroom in terms of effort and participation as well as achievement. Please note that there are limited number of scholarships available. Please contact the school for scholarship exam dates.
Alethea is a government recognised school for over 65 years, we offer local Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced Level (A/L) examinations in the national English medium curriculum which is set by The Department of Education, Sri Lanka. Students of Alethea have the opportunity to sit as school candidates, instead of private candidates which is the case in many other private schools.
Alethea International School prepares its students for Cambridge Ordinary Level (O/L) and Edexcel Advanced Level (A/L) Examinations. Both examinations are accepted by foreign universities and are also accepted by affiliated higher educational institutions in Sri Lanka.
From June 2008 onwards, Alethea has been an Examination Centre for both London O/L & A/L Examinations. This gives our students the security and comfort of sitting for their public examinations in familiar surroundings.
In the future we will offer a wide variety of subjects in the BTEC qualifications. Students who complete the final Level 3 – Extended Diploma will receive many exemptions to Universities locally and internationally where students can go directly into the 2nd year. The students also have the option of combining the BTEC qualifications with their O/L & A/L if they wish.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is increasing in popularity worldwide; more schools are implementing STEM learning into their curriculum across the globe, making it an integral part of what they teach.
With dedicated time slots during school hours, we have partnered with IgniterSpace, the largest technology and innovation education provider in Sri Lanka to help young Aletheans to get the best possible education in their formative years. Packs are available for purchase at our bookshop for activities each month.
IgniterSpace curriculum has been developed over 3 years in collaboration with engineers in different fields including Robotics, Software, Mechatronics, Aeronautical and has hosted over 4000+ kids over the past three years in over 15 MakerSpaces of their own in Sri Lanka. They launched the first Innovation center in Bangladesh in January 2019 & will continue to expand their overseas operations to Maldives, Singapore & Thailand in 2020. They work closely with the ICT Agency of Sri-Lanka and the Ministry of Education.
CREATELAB is Singapore’s leading Coding, Robotics & Design Thinking school. Create Lab designs, develops and deploys scalable, high impact learning experiences in emerging and frontier markets to inspire children to create with technology and prepare them to become 21st Century Leaders. Working with educators from Oxford, MIT & Singapore’s top universities, Create Lab’s popular coding, robotics and design thinking courses have been recognised as Singapore’s leading Computational Thinking enrichment programs.
They collaborate with NUS Enterprise, Google, SoftBank and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore. Create Lab has been recognised as Singapore’s Best Coding School by Parents World Magazine and a Top-10 start-up by CLSA. Launched in 2015, Create Lab is now present in several regional countries.
At Alethea, CREATELAB operates as an after school activity for those who are keen to learn coding as a hobby. Students who successfully complete the initial 20 weeks’ programme will have the option of enrolling in progressively advanced modules in school.
All equipment including laptops, tablet computers, robots for each student will be provided by CREATELAB for each registered student.

We teach religion and one’s mother tongue as class subjects and this is compulsory. We celebrate Vesak with a Sil Programme in school. In addition the Vesak lantern competition is held. Similarly at Christmas we sing carols and Sinhala Avurudu is celebrated with all the traditional games and food. We use these events to inculcate the Sri Lankan culture and customs. We also celebrate some foreign events as well to familiarize the students with international customs/events. E.g. Mothers Day / Teachers Day / World Environment Day

As you would appreciate educating the total child is not the sole responsibility of the school. Parents have a very valuable role to play. A meeting is presided over by the Principal and is held for parents of all new students. At this meeting parents are informed about the role of the school and the expectations of the school from the parents. Parents are requested to ensure that the homework is done, encouraging the child to participate in sports. To maintain a proper parent/child relationship from infancy through teenage years to adulthood, we arrange regular workshops on topics like Good Parenting. We also provide English and Computer classes for parents at discounted rates to improve their knowledge to enable them to interact better with their children and also to be able to help in their homework.
Teacher quality has a lasting effect on student learning. We advertise and offer a competitive benefit package to attract qualified and competent individuals.
We focus much on their attitudes during recruitment, which we believe is a crucial aspect contributing to the personal growth of students. We have ongoing educational programs for all teachers to train them in our methods of teaching. Regular teacher development and training workshops are conducted to sharpen skills. A teacher performance evaluation system is in place to recognize and reward good teachers by maintaining objectivity in performance, evaluation & increments. Annual increments are based on performance.
As a school we do not confine our duties to teaching and classroom activities. Our care extends to the student outside the school too. If a child is absent from school for more than three days (often without informing) we take it as our responsibility to follow up. We visit the home/hospital etc. to ensure that the child gets the necessary attention to resume classes as soon as possible. We help a child to catch up with work by arranging extra classes / notes.
  1. We run small classes (limited to 25 students) to provide individual attention.
  2. Lower grades, even with the small number of students have two teachers per class.
  3. All teachers have lesson plans for the whole year/term. This assists the teachers to prepare for the class and Principal to monitor syllabus coverage. Further if a teacher is on leave/absent this assists another teacher to take over smoothly and continue.
  4. Children’s workbooks are monitored by the Principal on a regular basis.
  5. Remedial English and support Math Classes are conducted parallel, to help weak students to reach the required standard at the earliest. Then they are transferred to the mainstream class.
  6. A special period after school is set aside to help children to do their homework in school itself; to help parents with little English knowledge who find it difficult to help with homework.
  7. For term exams each teacher in parallel classes submits a question paper to the Principal who then collects questions to form a new paper for each grade. The Principal himself introduces one question from her question bank for each paper.
  8. Term exam answer scripts are interchanged among parallel class teachers so no teacher marks her own set of papers.
  9. The curriculum is updated promptly when university of London/local syllabus is updated.
  10. We stand for “Excellence in Education Complimented with life skills”. From elementary classes we teach the use of fork and spoon/knife, proper use of toilets, hygiene, dress etc.
Nations Trust Bank 


Amex – Online payments
Easily pay your child’s school payments at  NATIONSPAY https://www.nationstrust.com/nationspay


FriMi App
Payments to Alethea can be easily facilitated through FriMi, irrelevant of the customer having a NTB account or any other bank account, which can be easily connected to FriMi.
FriMi is the First Digital bank in Sri Lanka powered by Nations trust bank with a high interest yield of 7%.
More info at: https://frimi.lk


Children savings
With multiple savings options of Child investment planners or savings accounts with gifts.
NTB Kohuwala branch will be providing an customized unparalleled  customer service partnered with Alethea. https://nationstrust.com/personal/save/nations-kidz


Online Portal at Alethea
Alethea will be having an online portal enabled at premise for parents to apply for a credit card to facilitate payments on 0% schemes to Alethea. To open savings accounts and also most importantly to have a free of charge financial evaluation.
Sampath Bank
0% interest installment payments
0% interest for installments up to 12 months on Sampath Credit Cards for admission and school fees.
Online and Credit Card Payments
Payment options through Credit Cards, Vishwa or any Sampath Bank branch with no additional fees.
Progressing into a paperless system, in the very near future, weblinks will be available via the school website for parents to make the payments online and receive the official receipt via email. ‘FriMi’ will be available for payments for any supplies at our school bookshop.
We have been sending students to London/Local O/L and A/L examinations for the last 25 years and our students have produced excellent results. Every year some of our students get the Edexcel high achievers awards and many of our students who completed AL at Alethea have gained opportunities in prestigious universities in UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, China and Australia and more.
We have also had a few students, who left to other schools thinking that they are better, returning to Alethea a year or two later with a lot more appreciation for what we do. There are even students who have moved overseas with parents sending us heartwarming feedback on how well their children have settled down and easily fitted into their new schools.

We are working on developing a very detail structured life skills curriculum incorporating social graces, hygiene, dress sense, grooming, to writing a C.V. that bring results. This will be introduced as a class subject/period from young age going up to A/L’s

  1. A fully integrated computer software programme named “School Online” developed on the principle “any time any where” is to be implemented by the end of 2016. This will enable parents to monitor a child’s progress in school through the internet from home.
  2. Once this fully integrated software programme is completed we plan to go-in for ISO certification to ensure that we maintain quality standards in everything we do.
  3. We are in the process of setting up a “Parent, Teacher Management Committee (PTMC) with one parent representing each grade level at the PTMC with a view to maintain good relation between PTM and to develop the school.