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Alethea School

Government Approved Private School

Established in 1928, during our 95 years of existence, Alethea School has taught more than 50,000 students. We are home to nearly 500 students and 60 expert faculty and staff, a community representing various different cultures. We are proud of our multi-cultural ethos, and the way our community engages with each other.


The journey of Alethea began with its establishment in 1927 and its registration as a private company the following year. In 1954 it was registered with the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka as a Secondary School. From 1968 onwards, the students of Alethea sat for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level (O/L) Examinations in Sri Lanka in the Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums.
At Alethea, we promote new strategies to reach elementary children and young people with special educational needs within regular education. We also have a ‘Skills Centre’ for customized engagement depending on the range and frequency of intervention required. Alethea Special Education Needs Unit and the Skills Centre strive to enhance educational opportunities for all children with differentiated needs. Our aim is to provide quality inclusive education for all despite of age, disability, gender, etc. It is based on the right of all learners to a quality education that accommodates their learning needs. 

Grades and Courses

Pre Grade

Beginning of a memorable journey

Junior School

A steppingstone to learning

Middle School

Sharpening skills for secondary education

National GCE OL/AL

Registered since 1954 at the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka

Learning Resource Centre and Skills Centre

Customized engagement in education with special needs

Activity Centre

Seamless learning


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School Activities

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There is always something amazing happening at Alethea. Every day is exciting. Make new friends, socialize, good food, debate, clubs and societies, great access to almost anything a student would want to seize the day. Happy school.

Student Testimonials

What makes Alethea standout is its emphasis on producing well-rounded students who excel in both the classroom and the sporting field. My time at Alethea not only laid a solid academic foundation for my future endeavours, but instilled upon me the importance of teamwork, comradeship, and the invaluable notion of welcoming both the highs and lows in life with open arms. Alethea to me was more than just a school. It was a second home, where teaching was never bound to the designated class hours. It was a place where everyone from the principal to the librarian show genuine interest in your success. Not only did my 13 years at Alethea play an influential role in making me the person I am, but it also left me with a set of memories and friends that would last a lifetime. And for that I will always be grateful.
_Kusal Lokuge, DPhil (PhD) student at the University of Oxford (University of Oxford NDPH Scholar) & Past Student
At Alethea, every child is special. I know because I have experienced it as a student following the national curriculum. Irrespective of which curriculum a student follows, everyone is treated equally and given the same opportunities to live, give and grow.
_Thisalee Anthony, Past Student
Thanks to Alethea I am a dancer, debater, compeer and a creative writer. But above all Alethea has taught me humility in the face of success, keeping me firmly grounded in the right principles while giving me wings to soar. Let me put it this way Alethea is all about living and giving and growing.
_Virandi Kularatne, Past Student
I stepped into Alethea 9 years and today I am part of the prefects’ guild and a senior student of the school. To me, Alethea provided the perfect environment for learning, enabling me to reach great heights in my academic work.
_Shamalka Bandara, Past Student