Clubs and Societies

Active Citizens Club


A club that promotes community coherence and improvement through civic engagement and volunteer work. In a world with increasing global connections leading to positive outcomes, we empower young Aletheans from grade 6 to actively engage in the development of the communities they live in.

Art Club


Art Club is open to all students who want to be creative. Our art club meets at least once a month, with more meetings if an event requires it. Students design, draw and paint banners for school events as well as produce artwork using unique materials to stretch and grow their creativity. This club allows students who don’t have an art class in their schedules to still be able to express themselves creatively. Our club allows students of all years to work together and grow as artists.

Chess Club


The game of chess holds a unique charm. The strategic complexities offer lively minds an immediate challenge and stimulating exercise. It can be played for fun, or with increasing degrees of seriousness up to the highest levels of international competition. We encourage more children to learn and play as Chess actually has a mathematical basis. Mathematics is the tool of science, the language of technology and organised thought.
Chess also develops cognitive ability: attention, memory, analysis, and logic; all fundamental building blocks for personal growth. Directly applicable to everyday life: it encourages self-assessment, healthy competition, teamwork and helps children develop the skills and social dexterity so important in society.

Commerce Society


The Commerce Club is an offshoot of the Senior school Commerce stream; its activities focus on practical training for the theoretical knowledge, which the commerce students gain in the classroom. They run related events, control its finances and prepare budget, all on the ground-rules of ethical practicalities. Other activities include programmes involving middle school students, speeches by guest lecturers on important topical issues and analytical discussions on the commercial and economic areas of interest, and visits to business places like banks, stock-exchange etc.

Computer & IT Club 


Promoting and supporting excellence in computer science education and digital literacy, Alethea Computer and IT club is open to students from grade 6 upwards. This is important for all our children, not just those who will become the software engineers of the future. In a world everything is going digital, an understanding of computer science will enable them to make informed choices in their digital world.

Coding and Robotics Club


Alethea operates a coding and robotics club for grade 8 upwards for those who are keen to learn coding as a hobby. Students who successfully complete the initial 20 weeks’ programme will have the option of enrolling in progressively advanced modules in school.
Please contact the school office for payment details.

English Literary Society


English Literary Society is a society of English Literature enthusiasts at Alethea. The society conducts literary activities in school throughout the year. The main focus of the society is to see people being as comfortable with English as they are with their mother tongue. The Society aims to instill, uphold and enhance the English literary skills within the student population at Alethea and give the necessary skills and confidence needed to use English as an effective tool in conveying ones ideas.

Interact Club


The purpose of Alethea Interact club is to provide opportunity for students to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding. Young Aletheans develop constructive leadership skills through the practice of thoughtful helpfulness to others, build respect for the rights of others as well as acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success, community improvement and group achievement. Club is open for membership from grade 9 upwards.

Little Friends


Making independent individuals and modeling students into helpful citizens is the objective of having a Little Friends Company. Alethea Junior School hosts Little Friends as an after school activity much enjoyed by many students.

Mother Sri Lanka Club


Touching the lives of the future Sri Lanka, the aim of this club is to strengthen the youth who will soon be responsible for the administration of our country. The club helps senior school students to believe in themselves, to stay strong amidst chaos and grow through economic empowerment in their adult life. At Alethea, Mother Sri Lanka Club commits to generate “Good Citizenry” behavior patterns among our students through their Spiritual, Educational, Socio-Economic and Cultural education during their years of school education.

Performing Arts (Choir / Dancing / Drama)


Arts education – in its many forms – supports the development of the whole child, and prepares the child for a life filled with opportunities for learning and joy. Students discover their own voice, grow in confidence and develop empathy and ethical intuition into the inconsistencies of life which affect us daily. Performing arts is a discipline that encourages teamwork, whether that is in writing, creating or during the act of performing. Students have the opportunity to engage in creative collaboration, a skill they have limited chance to develop outside of a rehearsal space. The arts also provide a place of solitude, where students can immerse themselves without interference from their environment, providing a space for students to engage in self-reflection – a vital skill for life after school. Through creative expression students learn to understand the world in a unique way, preparing them to navigate the challenges after school. There is also great cross-over between performing arts and other disciplines – the creative thinking and study techniques learned during rehearsal can be transferred to all areas of study.

Science Society


The Alethea Science Society is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. The Society promotes science interest and engagement through challenging and mind-stretching tasks delivered from factual knowledge, discovery and experiments. They train students for competitions, inventor tasks and creative solutions to become innovative thinkers in the future.

Scouting / Cub Scouting


Featuring age-appropriate appropriate activities, service, crafts, field trips, & outdoor adventures, the benefits of scouting are many from increased faith, family recreation, physical health, citizenship to many other valuable life skill lessons.
A scouting camp is always a creative, educational, and cooperative outdoor living experience which contributes significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth of its campers. With ample opportunities to work on merit badges and other rank requirements scouting builds self-confidence and self-esteem by providing great opportunities for student to succeed, grow, and advance in life.

Sinhala Literary Society


Sinhala is taught across the school and is mandatory for both National section and International section. In order to support the Sinhala language enthusiasts Sinhala Literary Society was formed with many students actively contributing their time for activities.
The society conducts literary activities in school throughout the year. The main focus of the society is to see students become comfortable with this official language to express ideas and handle different situations in different social contexts.

UN Club


The UN club is a stepping stone to a simulation of an actual United Nations conference, where students are tasked with solving a global issue through research, drafting, lobbying and debate to pass a suitable ‘resolution’. Students learn public speaking and deliver their first speech in front of an audience. They sharpen their research skills and interpret information from all over the world. They practice how to draft policies, present and negotiate. Through these exercises students will also acquire skills that will help them get through critical social situations in life. Whether it’s learning to discuss complex issues with diverse personalities, skills of compromise, or learning how to be a leader for the first time, many students will “find their voice” and realize their leadership potential and social ability. UN Club is open for membership throughout the year from grade 6 upwards.